A popular surf spot in Pleasure Point. It's called "Jack's" as it is directly in front of Jack O'Neill's house which is just next to The Dirt Farm. There is a popular surf contest held here annually called the Log Jam. All contestants must use surf boards built before 1970 and without leashes.

Looking Toward the Point

When spring comes around the cliffs along side Santa Cruz are full of bright yellow wildflowers. They provide a striking dynamic to an already picture perfect back drop. These flowers will typically last through May of each year.

A Great Day at the Point

Just past the small shops, restaurants, and the Friday Realty office on 41st is Pleasure Point. You never know what you'll find just below the cliffs but adventure awaits anyone willing to make the journey down. There are spots to sun soak, tide pools to explore, and plenty of areas to venture into the break. Many locals make it a point to visit after work each day.

Opal Cliffs

Opal Cliffs is a small community in Santa Cruz County, it's a community of about 6,500 as of the 2000 census. Known for a laid back lifestyle that revolves plenty around the beach. Just far enough outside of town and a popular vacation or second home area.

Pleasure Point

Our favorite community in Santa Cruz as this is where we call home, as well as built our office. Pleasure Point offers the perfect balance between the slower paced beach lifestyle with a sense of community and all the amenities of suburban living.


Not far from Pleasure Point is the bedroom community of Capitola. A popular tourist destination on the weekends, but with an identity all its own. Infamous for it's charming downtown area, and the original location of Pizza My Heart!

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