Willem McRobie

“Hey Willem”  That’s what you would hear from hundreds of people around the world whenever Willem walked by them.  From Nantucket to Costa Rica to Santa Cruz, it felt like Willem was the best friend to everyone he came in contact with.  And each and everyone was greeted back with his incredible smile, or a warm hug, or a “Hey Bud”. He loved his friends.  Surfing was a passion. Travel and tennis too.  And, oh yeah, Phish  – can’t ever forget Phish.  But he loved his wife, Dee, and his two boys Alasdair and Euan the most.  He also loved, and was loved in return, by his large family.  His brothers Dave, Blair and Andrew, and his parents Blair and Caroline.  Willem, sadly, has gone for a final rantum scoot after a heroic battle with cancer.

When the day’s come and gone, you know we all ride on.

We love & miss you everyday Willie Bro!






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